[Pair Programming - Why You May Not Get It](http:/www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=20073)
This is a nice article about Extreme Programmings most annoying "feature" (for me), pair programming. And it quite sums up all the little caveats, I stumbled over, when I had to do pair programming in the past.
I find it VERY frustrating to watch someone searching every single letter on the keyboard while coding, or making mistakes often... sorry guys, please take this not personally ;) I think I'm just a fast writer, had to learn typing from scratch three times (three different schools) and this increased my typing speed a bit.

It's not that I don't make errors, I make typing errors quite often, but I'm quite fast with the backspace-key, so that it doesn't interrupt my writing-flow very much. Correcting typos happens without even thinking of it.
But if I'm tired or distracted, this human-auto-correct-feature doesn't work well and then its harder for me to write code which slows me down by about 50%... And then coding is no fun anymore ;)


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