Easter Cleanup

And another month went by without much news from me. There haven't been many changes anyway. University is stressful as always, the amount of work at my employer keeps at a high level and there is only little spare time for relaxing.

Furthermore over the last week, my laptop computer has been suffering a slow death wich I tried to prevent by repairing the failing operating system several times. Eventually I had to give up when the point came where the installation of some Windows updates rendered several subsystems (networking, graphics, ...) unusable.

I took the bitter pill and bought a new hardisk and installed a new OS from scratch. Currently I'm in the process of transferring all of my data from the old Hdd to the new Win7 installation. This will still take a few more days until I'm again at the point where I can effectively perform real work again but I'm slowly approaching that point.

And what's slowing this down too is the fact, that I'm sick since Friday and in bed since Saturday. Happy Easter, ha ha :/


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