Lifesign and Dr. Dobb's Journal link

Once again it's such of a time where I'm quite busy with personal and work related issues that I don't find the time to put up a new post. Just about now I've got some spare minutes and thought of it and there you have it now.

What I found today is, that the all famous Dr. Dobb's Journal for software developers is available online from NXTBook Media. It's accessible here:

With some URL-modification there are also older editions available until back to Aug. 06. Somehow I have the feeling that the availability of this magazine and the older editions was not intentional because normally you have to pay for a subscription. Nevertheless, I've downloaded all of the available editions as PDFs (on some editions you do not have a direct link on the starting page but have to go through the Save-button) and look forward on how this develops in the future.

Update Apr. 13th: The May issue of DDJ is now also available here.


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