Massive Link Dump

It's already been more than a month and quite a pile of links has accumulated, wow. So let's get it on:

Cool Stuff

  • is a shop where you can order all sorts of magnets from the tiniest to the strongest. Strong stuff here.
  • The Animated Knots page has a great list of knots for all possible reasons (the "Decorative" section is very nice) and an animated guide for every single knot

Personal Development


Computer Technology

  • Feng-Gui analyzes your webpage using mathematical and statistical models and tells you where your visitors are visually focussing on
  • The OpenLink AJAX Toolkit is another AJAX toolkit with a rich collection of widgets, event and data access layer management systems and a nice online demo
  • ImgBurn is a free and lightweight imaging and burning application with support for many formats and drives
  • A Roundup for Developers is quite a good list of webpages and tools for aiding software development and surely contains something for everyone




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