Knowledge dump

It's again time for a massive link-dump. It's a bit difficult to navigate around if a browser window has thirty-two tabs in it and time doesn't allow to check them regullary. So, there we go.

Cool Stuff:

  • Yogurt Making Illustrated shows you how to produce yogurt on your own in a few hours
  • has produced a convenient package of applications which are able to run directly off an USB memory stick or other portable memory devices (Win only)
  • The Four Mile Island Ice Box is a non-electric refridgerator build by someone to freeze in winter and stay cool all summer
  • A Thermite Reaction is something I'd really to try out sometime
  • The Wookieepedia is a great ressource for any Star Wars fan and a good read for all other fiction-fans
  • The Science section of RMCybernetics has quite some articles around cool science, physics, high voltage, etc. stuff
  • MIT is offering all their Physics lessions as downloadable videos for everyone, for free
  • MIT OpenCourseware offers even more education ressources from the MIT
  • Some Myths Busted around LED tells what advantages and disadvantages LED lighting really has
  • offers you many of those old C64 classic games as online playing experience, nostalgy alert
  • Wikimapia is a Wiki for Google Maps where everyone can mark places and spots and give comments or insight, my personal take on Chernobyl reactor tourism
  • AOJ Outdoors Tip #50 describes an easy and nontoxic way to get rid of annoying yellow jackets

Personal Development:


Computer Technology:


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