Matrix Revolutions - Impressions
Well, I've watched Matrix Revolutions this night and... well, I'm unsatisfied. In my opinion, the sequels to Matrix lost their original flair. I liked the mysterious stuff, unanswered questions, secret connections between everything, which seem to be obvious if you only knew about them.
Matrix Reloaded already lost much of this feeling and concentrated more on excessive use of bullet time(TM) and bringing up strange connections between the "real world" and the "matrix", like Smith answering a call, the spoon from a kid or (most obviously) Neo shutting down some machines.
All would have been saved if the third part of this trilogy picked up those wires and connected them back somehow with the first movie or just in the style of the first one. Well, they answered some questions, but for me those answers are not going deep enough and if I think about them, they open even more questions.

The Matrix trilogy would have been much better, if they hadn't changed the genre after each movie. While the first one was like a genre of its own, the last one has arrived as a mix of action and SciFi.

Well, everything my own opinion, others will like this movie more than I do.

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