Yesterday I heard that a mail was going round in the management-level of the company which tells them to use TaskZilla. And I got more requests for enhancement. It's getting more serious :)

But I don't have that much time for improving TaskZilla and some of the requests need quite a hack in the source. And I can't apply official updates or patches without checking every line before.
On the one side this causes more maintenance work for me, on the other side it proofes, that TaskZilla is heavilly in use and that it seems to assist in many areas of our company.

We now even have developed a Workflow, how get planning and management tasks into product development and how does one have to treat them.
With the new product-based structure in TaskZilla, finding tasks for a project or product is now a matter of seconds. Of course, you need to know how the advanced query-page works, you have not the slightest chance to get this with the easy management-page ;)

Funny sidenote: At the beginning I had to strip the "Enter Task"-page down to only a few fields, to convince the manangement level ("...what are all that textboxes for?... optional?... then take them away..."). Meanwhile I've got so many requests for optional fields and re-added them, so that the current page has even more fields than the original one. The only difference is, that now every field is described and that you have to scroll down two pages if you want to submit your task. Don't bless me that you have to scroll that much, if you only want to enter a simple task, it's not my fault, you wanted it that way!

Today's "Hit the Bush"
George W. is afraid of people, he doesn't like to be criticized. So he requests his fellows to keep the crowd away from him.
He wanted to ship armory to the UK to be safe, he even requested diplomatic immunity to all his personnell, even militaries. So if you accidentially get shot in London from an US soldier, it would have been bad luck.
Luckilly, this request has been refused.


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