There was a meeting this morning. Nothing unusual, usually... But this time it was different. This meeting was called in from one of our upper leaders. In the past, meetings of that sort only occoured if the employees mood and/or motivation were low, so I had a mixed feeling.
It was a question-and-answer meeting, employees ask questions, leader answers. I'm quite sure, that this was triggered because the recent reorganisations have caused much confusion and trouble, and employees are unsure about the future (or even the CURRENT situation).

All in all, most employees have been calmed down a bit, but some questions were rhetorically avoided by him, like how product development finally merges with project development.

But there were also some special highlights if you payed attention. He (some sort of) admitted, that we had problems with some of our timelines, and that their prior approach for a totally project-based development was not applicable.
He said that the master plan is currently under re-reorganisation to give product development more attention and freedom at least for areas, where several projects share the same (core-)product. Workflows will be created and organisation will become more transparent, as well as responsibilities will be clearly defined.

I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel, it's going up again. Real product development has a chance of keeping alive, even beeing enforced.

That's what I want to do, my motivation has rised quite a bit today.


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