Yap, watched Lord of the Rings Triple Feature last night. If you've already seen the first two parts, you definitly have to watch the third one. Yay, yay, yay!

The movies were the standard cinema edition, and because I own the special extended editions of "The Fellowship of The Ring" and "The Two Towers" I can tell, that the extended editions really add much value to the movies. I can't wait until the EE of "The Return of The King" arrives somewhere next november I guess.

In my opinion, LOTR is now the movie of the century, which Matrix gracefully failed to become.

Hm, got just one and a half hour of sleep, the triple feature lasted from 17:00 to about 03:45 in the morning. Then drove home, napped a bit and got up for work at about 06:00.
And today is our company's christmas party, could become late once again...


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