I organized a class reunion yesterday.
I think, it was quite successful, because of our 24-people class (in the last year) 21 people were present and I think all of us had much fun.
It was nice to meet all of them again and talk about what has happened in their lifes and with their career and what they plan for the future.

In my opinion, few of them have changed compared to when we left school. The most radical change is, that some of them spend more time abroad than in Austria. I also found out, that some of them are working rather near to my current employees location, perhaps some lunchs are possible together in the future ;)

I hope, you all enjoyed it yesterday and had fun and that we all can come together again next year.
I wish you a merry Christmas, but please: Screw that Santa Clause, save our Christ Child.

I'm now on christmas vacation till about the second week in '04! Don't know, if I find some time to blog.

P.S.: I think, at least one of my classmates recognizes, that all of my above paragraphs start with "I". Well... sorry, wrote this in a hurry, just to not forget to thank you all for attending the meeting yesterday. Thanks!

Today's "Hit the Bush"
Finally, the Bush Administration has lost its battle for the Guantanamo imprisoned. The US Court grants Guantanamo rights.
One more step towards the respectfulness of human rights.


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