Heard of those Elite Israeli Troops which refuse to punish Palestinians in the occupied territories? If this trend spreads, could this lead to peace in the region arising from within the forces of political tactics itself?
All you guys there, which are thinking over resistance: Think more and arise! You are the key!

Out into space, hoping for Beagle 2. While earth has still received no signal there are still plenty of opportunities for response.
No contact was achieved through Mars Odyssey or the Lovell Telescope but the main contact partner, Mars Express itself, is still not in place and Beagle 2 is not in communication search mode 1 (CSM 1), which works like an auto-search mode for contact. Mars Express will start trying to communicate with Beagle 2 on the 6th of January when it begins stabilizing its orbit around the planet. Beagle 2 will switch into CSM 1 somewhere after the 31st December. So there are still great chances for whole success ahead.
Head over to Asa's blog, he always has recent informations from beyond the limit of the sky. Also on Beagle 2's silence for example.

Anyway, I still got no response for any of my emails trying to re-activate some of my favorite webcomics recently.
I'm currently unsure, how to proceed, I think the best would be to wait a few more weeks and re-send mails then with read-acknowledge turned on.

And for the Mozilla-Fans which are trying to convert their IE-collegues: The IE-extension MyIE2 now offers experimental support for Mozilla as host-platform. (from mozillaZine.org)


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