Trouble in space. Not only Beagle2 has given no sign of life but now NASA's Spirit is silent too.

Here at work I'm currently busy with trying to install Oracle Database on Knoppix. I want to create a demo-CD of our solutions which you can put into a CD-ROM drive, boot up and use it.
Oracle has such a weird installation process, its just crazy. It re-links itself on install with the systems libraries and needs a heck of specific tools, mostly development stuff, but these have nothing to do on a demo-CD. Well, for Oracles sake, I'll put them on it for the installation.
And then it tries to link libraries which aren't copied into the installation folder for some reason... Damn.


Next Tuesday our company organizes a so called "Town Hall Meeting", fancy description for Q&A-session with company-leaders.
I'm curious, which questions will be asked and how our heads will answer them without revealing their real plans to us...


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