Recently I discovered the Uniform Server.
This is a package of

  • Apache2

  • PHP 4

  • MySQL 4

  • Perl 5
trimmed down to the smallest functional size. Everything thrown together into less than 10MB for Windowns. It also has two easy scripts, "start" and "stop", for easy startup and shutdown of the whole stuff.

An idea struck me!
I inserted my memory-stick into my computer, installed the Uniform Server, added MoreGroupware and what I have now is a full-featured, web-based calendar, contact list, note holder, etc.

Well, whats special with that, you can have all of that with a simple filofax, you may ask, but for me this is a great leap forward in managing my schedules.

I tried it several times with such an organizer, but every attempt failed because I'm just too lazy, to always think of taking it with me. And if I take it, I'll surely forget to look into it. This is doubly sad because my girlfriend gave me one as a present recently. I tried again with it, but guess what... Yeah, I always forget looking into it altough I often think of it when it isn't near me. Damn me.

But with this organizer-on-a-stick it is totally different. I almost always carry the memstick with me in my pocket and stick it on at work and at home. And I almost never forget that piece of technology. I don't know why it is THAT different with it or why I don't forget to stick it onto the computer (as I would with the organizer), but thats the way it is...
Even better would be such stuff like a PDA or Pocket Computer, perhaps even with some flavour of Linux on it. But they are so damn expensive, I can't afford one.

But perhaps it's just another hype of me, and soon I'll begin to not look into my new 'toy' anymore...


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