Car repaired... almost

Today I'll finally get my car back from garage. It was delayed another day because the mechanics "didn't want to fix it in a hurry".

But if they took that much care of it, why didn't they fix my right-hand mirror? "...overlooked..."

Well, I'll get a new one the next time I have to show up for service there. I hope, they remember that by then.

Odd. I'm sitting here at work, and let my girlfriend take up the car although she's the reason why it halted beside the road in the first place. But I believe, this just was bad luck in a terribly bad week for us all, and so I trust her. She also surely takes a bit more care now while driving, but I don't want to say that she drove dangerous before, far from it.
But this just has to look strange from third person view ;)


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