Taskzilla updated, anybody cares?

Near the end of the last week, I updated our installation of Taskzilla with the new layout made by the designer.

Now people have been using it for several days, reported some minor bugfixes to me and everything was fine.

But today I recognized, that on the edit page of every task the category entries were completely misaligned. The category "Task Type" contained the entries from "Dev-Type" and some more swapping around.

It was also impossible to add more CC people, if there was at least one entered, because the entry-field was disabled in that case.

I wonder, why no one has seen this swapping before me. Perhaps this design is that intuitive, but I rather guess, that people are already used to Taskzilla. But why no one has recognized the bug with CC is a miracle for me... Does anyone actually use this feature?


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