Taskzilla refreshed

The new TaskZilla design looks great, my helping hand got familiar with the bugzilla templates quite fast :)

I feel the pressure from the top, merging everything into a project-based approach, more and more. And I still feel uncomfortable with that.
I don't like it, I want to work on a product, get feedback from the customers and enhance it. I know, that the potential of the product is much more, than currently, but there is no time to work on something like that.
Everything has to happen during a (paid) project, crap.

Well, relocations are happening here, people are moving out of their rooms, to other blocks etc. and other people are moving in. Seems, that the people staffed for a project are "collected" to the same places. But this approach is not good for the people, who are staffed for several different projects.
You can talk directly to the people of the project at your place, but it's harder to talk to people of the other projects, because phoning them is not always successful and mail-responses take some time.
TaskZilla smoothens this a bit, but... well, its not a nice solution.
And much time is lost with moving, reconfiguring network access and so on. Luckily I'm not affected, but I feel some sort of isolated a bit, since few are left around me who work on the same project (and none, who works on the same product).

Last Saturday, there was a big "Personality Test" on TV. I took a look at it, to "find out more about me". Well, I'm a Rational/Inventor (german, detail). Expected something like this, but didn't think that it fits that good. Only few things are wrong, ie. I don't think, that I'm charismatic ;) But that lies in the eye of the viewer.

Want to take a test yourself? Here (german).


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