Spam Wars - The Empire strikes back

Seems, that my predictions and guesses in my last post about the Spam Wars had more prophetic value in it than I expected myself. But it did take an end before it even really began because the cleverer gave in.

Blue Security shut down their site and will stop their business because the little starup company doesn't want to be responsible for the collateral damage which a continued fight against spam using its tactic of distributed opt-out could cause.

I'd like to see such attempts again in the future but probably from bigger companies who can rely on more financial and technical environment than Blue Security could.

Perhaps even an open-source attempt, but in that case there have to be measures implemented that the spammers itself can't somehow "hijack" the projects tools and use it for bad purposes on their own.

See the Wired article "Under Attack, Spam Fighter Folds" for a deeper view on the reasons why Blue Security shut its doors.


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