Nintendo and iRex gadget excitement

The last few days caused quite some excitement for me because I got aware of some real good news for me and my geeky, childish mind.

First off with Nintendo:

Wow. I've been really thinking about pre-ordering the Wii, as soon as it's possible. Another thing I've been thinking of: The controller of the Wii will connect via Bluetooth. Would it be possible to connect it with a standard PC on Windows or Linux using a bluetooth receiver? Could that be possible? Someone to take that idea? Playing Oblivion with the Wii-controller would be incredible. A nice-looking news-site for the Wii seems to be Nintendo Wii News. And this Wii Montage on Google Video pretty much sums up all the fun.

The second gadged is the iRex iLiad:

  • it has support for non-DRM-ed content
  • LAN/WLAN/USB/SD-MMC/etc. ...
  • E-Ink display
  • and it'll run on some sorts of Linux

There's a nice coverage on TeleRead: A first look on the iRex Iliad. If it wouldn't have a price around 500$, I'd buy it as soon as possible. But I'll certainly have to think about that again.


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