Another end of a quest

Last weekend another journey found its end. On Saturday I finally finished Zelda: Twilight Princess. Yes, I know that it's been almost four months since I started to play it but the 72 hours of puzzling I needed to complete mean almost 45 minutes per day.

Final thoughts after the game are that in the whole it was a quite enjoyable experience and that it was worth every single second. Brought back sweet memories from my times with Zelda on the NES, SNES and GameBoy.

Now I'll take my last savepoint and try to solve the remaining mini-quests and puzzles which are still lying around all over Hyrule.


For a Zelda veteran most of the fights and puzzles were not too hard although some of them have kept me quite busy for some time.

  • In the Forest Temple, quite at the beginning it took me some time to find out that I have to throw the "living bombs" to blow up a rock which blocked the entry to a necessary room. Dunno why I didn't get the grasp of how to throw the bomb instantly...
  • Ganondorfs second form (the monster) was easy at first but then I didn't get Midnas hint to morph into wolf-shape and beat him down through grabbing him like goats or Gorons.
  • The hard-to-see switch crystal at the bottom of the right wing in the City In The Sky escaped my eyes very well...

These are the only hard obstacles which kept in my mind till the end.

And just for my personal reference, if I ever think I can read it without spoiling much:


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