MovableType rebuild weirdness and blog updates

I've mentioned that there are some problems with this blog in the past. I wasn't able to fix the problem when users post comments though but I fixed some discomfort on my side.

I often wondered why rebuilding the monhly archive was done in 100-entries-steps altough I had set the setting

EntriesPerRebuild 10

I somehow came across this topic in the MovableType Community Forums which suggests to modify some multiplicators in one of MovableType's core files.

I dug a bit into that and investigated the file lib/MT/App/ myself. And there, around line 3495 I found following block, just above the start_rebuild_pages function definition:

my %Limit_Multipliers = (
    Individual => 1,
    Daily => 2,
    Weekly => 5,
    Monthly => 10,
    Dynamic => 5,

Obviously these are multiplicators to the EnriesPerRebuild setting but I have no idea why this behaviour is neither configurable via the standard configuration options nor why this is not documented anywhere.

I changed down all of those settings to 1 and now a full site rebuild runs through without any HTTP 500 error, altough the rebuild-status window refreshes much more often now. The commenting error still persists... *sigh*

Have also been playing around a bit with another visitor statistics tool to get somehow rid of the LevelTen Hit Counter which has served quite well until now but still has a few annoyances. For example it regulary wants to contact it's producers homepage for "updates". Besides the privacy issue with this it just doesn't work on on all of my computers/browsers except one. And it refuses to work until it is up-to-date again. With the help of the Web Traffic Analysis Index of AdvanceScripts Script Resource Directory I found the phpMyVisites PHP package. It showed a nice layout and almost the same functionality as the LevelTen Hitcounter and so I decided to give it a try.

Currently both hitcounters are running side-by-side so that I can compare them better but I'm looking forward dropping the old one in the not so far future.


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