Team decompressing

Today I again heard rumours, that our team can perhaps keep its database developer.

Of course there are many rumors currently travelling around about recent changes and many things are going on behind the scenes.

I think, that now most people are lined up and are aware of our direction where we want to go in the future. Most of them are also aware, that this won't be an easy hike and that we are facing problems with manpower and timelines.

I think we shouldn't hide our problems completely from our customers and shift deadlines/milestones back every time but deliver our results on that dates even if they don't meet the requirements for that date.

I'm sure that delivering SOMETHING is better than moving timelines and delivering nothing, which could cause the customer think, that we have much more difficulties than we really have.
And if he sees progress between the milestone deliveries (even if not all targets are met), he will be much more satisfied than always having to wait longer.
We would also be able to receive feedback earlier in the production cycle and fix out bugs or architectural problems before the final deadline.


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