Mind wires

I stumbled across a blogger from Microsoft (The Wayward WebLog) who seems to have thoughts and rhetorical abilities comparable to Teitan.

Both seem to see the world and their position in it as if they were sitting inside their brain and comment what's going on in there (I think).

Nice stuff to read, I wished, Teitan would find some time to continue his blog, I always enjoyed reading his posts and falling into some thinking after that.

On some other topic, I finally got my hands on Townsmen, a game for my mobile phone.
It's about building up a city and managing it's ressources to let it grow and evolve. A bit like WarCraft or Command&Conquer, just without the fighting part. Only the management aspect and a piece of Tamagotchi.

At first I had some problems with the controls, as they are not really explained much but I found a Townsmen How to play, and now I understand it much better. I'm curious how long I'll play this game until I get tired of it.


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