Home expansion

On Saturday girlfriend and I went to the Grazer Fr?hlingsmesse just for fun and because we had not been on an exhibition for some time.

After about 5-10 minutes in the Wellness hall, she got caught by a salesman and two minutes later I carried a bunch of perfumes and aftershaves and so on and with 40? less in my pocket.
"You can take it for gifts...", well...

For the rest of the day I managed it to keep her off most aggressive salespeople and the only additional expenses were some candy and some food.

Near the end of our visit we looked around in the "Wohntr?ume" (Living-dreams) hall.
Because we were thinking of how to equip our kitchen, which is not completely built in the upper roooms of our house, we visited an exhibitor of kitchens, ALNO.
Booom, the salesman and planners there were very friendly and they took much time for us to answer all of our questions and wishes, they showed us many possibilities for our kitchen and informed uns very well.

It's a bit tricky with our kitchen, because in this room there is a pitched roof area and it's impossible to stuff a pre-made kitchen into it. Everything has to be planned. I personally always thought it would cost around 8.000 - 10.000?, fully equiped with all needed devices.

The ALNO-proposal hardly hit the lower bound of this.

The price is calculated per running meter, each of it at 890? (exhibition price). The places where we can't equip the lower and upper half of the wall (pitched areas), the price is adjusted accordingly. It doesn't matter which equipment we wish on the walls, its a fixed price. We also get a free flatware inlay, free dish-holders, a free carbage separation system, 300? bonus on a sink, a free dishwasher(!) and 25 percent reduction on all other electronical devices.
With full planning, installation and other costs excluding the electronic devices we got a price around 7.500? for ~9 running meters of kitchen.
And this proposal was stable until end of 2006, when (hopefully) the room for the kitchen was ready. If it becomes after that, there is only a 3 percent in price increase.

We promised to come again on Sunday... and got free entry-cards for this :)

On Sunday we visited some other exhibitors and collected some more proposals but the one from ALNO was unbeatable.

Contract for at least 5 running meters (to keep the initial payment low) was signed on Sunday ~16:00.

Our very own dream kitchen, we are awaiting you!


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