Evening trouble

Two days ago I managed another release to a customer.

Initially everything was well prepared and planned, all people were confident that everything will go well and so we started the update at ~19:00.

Just a few minutes later I had to correct my timeline the first time. A interface on the target machines had changed since the afternoon and I had to quickly hack in a fix and throw out a new bugfix.

So good so far, applications released, now let's test the bugfixes... Click here, change that, ... HU? Where's the data?
Data disappearing, and after some time fiddling, we had to call in an expert for our WebInterface because we expected something wrong with it.

And in the meantime we found some database inconsistencies, great.
I had given up correcting my timeline.

When our web expert arrived he quite quickly found out that the files, he released on the afternoon on the machines, had changed and downgraded to a version of last november?!?
So update them again and now it's working as expected.

In the whole, the release lasted almost three hours, double as long as planned, but the customer is completely satisfied.
My team managed to solve all problems and worked around all difficulties and in the end we got the expected result.

Later it turned out that another team had a release of another product to the same customer and accidentially overwrote some of our files.
No team knew of the others release, someone forgot to tell us so that we could have synched our work.
Shouldn't happen again, people are now more aware of how our different teams can interfere.


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