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Hm, I'm thinking about what I'm writing in my blog.

Until now I tried to avoid to reveal any information about my work, what I'm doing *exactly*, what products I'm working on and even topic my work is about.

But often I stumble across situations with our code or with our customers where I'm thinking, this is so stupid/strange/ingenious/clever, I should share that with others.

But then again, what if one of our customers stumbles into my blog and recognizes my rants on himself or with which other customers we're in contact or where there are errors in the software which the customer shouldn't know...
And of course there is somewhat like a privacy-clause in our company to not share business data or other internal informations.

Hm, perhaps I can reveil some more details about me and my work, but I can't give any guarantee and I have to think over that a lot.
Perhaps I'll even talk with one of my collegues about the issue.

Well, I know of at least one other employee which runs a web-diary and there he gives more personal detail than me, but as he works in another area and currently is not directly employed by my employer but somehow tied with a subcontractor-stuff, I don't think that my restrictions also apply so tight to him.
He's responsible for parts of our internal IT infrastructure, network-admin.
Christian, don't let people stress you too much! (Thanx for the patience with me in the DECT-issue ;)

And he's the guy who helped me to get rid of my DECT-phone and replaced it with an ordinary desk-phone.
The DECT was acting VERY strangely, the batteries were loading forever (really, almost never full), the speech quality was awful (ok, the desk-phone is not that better) and I could make out-calls to mobile-destinations only in 50% of the time.
It also did weird things like acknowledging a key-press but not displaying or reacting to it, turning on and off by own will or refuse to react completely... Go to hell you thingie! Well, I guess it will be repaired and returned to another victim.


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