Birthday success?

My Birthday yesterday was the worst one I ever had.

In the morning, I took my girlfriend to her home to be taken to hospital for check by her mom. But her mother didn't care to drive her, so I had to bring her there myself and then taker her to school. This took me ~120 km and 2-3 hours of work.

In the evening then my girlfriend and her mother ended up in a conflict which originated in my girlfriend turning the volume on the TV set down a bit (her mom suddenly turned it up quite loud without any aparent reason) and ending with girlfriend moving out from home.

And then she asks me, why I'm not happy on my birthday, I just reached one of my long-term goals, to take my girlfriend to my home.

Yes, I reached that goal, but I didn't want it to happen in THAT way.

Why do both women always have to have the last word in a conflict? No one can leave the last sentence of the other unanswered.


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