Clinton's speech on Democrats day

On the bostonDparty - 2004 Democratic National Convention Blog I just fount a transcript of Bill Clintons speech on the Democratic Convention.

I like this speech very much because it summarizes Bushs effects on America and the world and how Kerry wants to face them.

Just one note.
Clinton says at the beginning of his speech: "... Therefore, we Democrats will bring the American people a positive campaign, arguing not who?s good and who?s bad, but what is the best way to build the safe, prosperous world our children deserve...".
But later then he counts up point by point what Bush had done in the past and what was the result of his actions.

But this is my only point critic, the rest is just great.

I hope, that this convention gives Kerry the boost to take over the presidential role in autumn and do a good for the whole world.


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