Management talk

Today I had the meeting with my department leader.

Initially it was planned for one hour but after a bit more than two hours we decided to continue on friday.

The chat was quite informative for me and also for him because I now know much more about what's going on in the planning and management levels and he knows more about how the situation and impressions on the development levels are.

All in all most many of my questions and concerns are worked on somewhere in the management but below them only few know about that.
He now knows, that this is an issue here.

It was noted that some more information about what's going on with us should be communicated down to us developers. In my opinion this would help much to lift the mood and I wouldn't have asked quite some of my questions.

Some more on that on Friday, currently I'm quite satisfied with the answers I got and I think we both are benefiting from the talk.


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