Blogging motivation

I just was asked why I take the time to blog.

Well, this has no easy answer. In fact I can give no definive reason why I blog but I can give some thoughts which came into my mind over time.

Blogging could be a vent to take some stress from me at work. It could take more from my back if I decided to give deeper information about my job and the environment but this could also backfire quite a bit. I already thought about that earlier, but I'm still not sure...

It could also be a way to remember things. Perhaps in five years I'll read through my blog and and think of how it was at that time, what things I was busy with, what concerned me and so on.

I also practice english writing and enhance my vocabulary.

Another possibility could be to get in touch with people which are interested in the same thinds as I am. I regulary fly take a short look somewhere into my visitor logs, look where they come from and what they were looking for on my site.
Visitors can also leave comments on each of my blog entry, check out the link below each post if you care.

Surely if I thought about that more I could come up with some more speculation but I really don't know exactly why I do some things and don't do others.

Other people collect stamps or memorize phone books, I blog. Small hobby but nevertheless.


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