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A friend of mine shortly pointed me to his website, Project SCA.

There he offers an open-source class collection for common PHP tasks for download.

I cannot tell much about the quality or usefulness of the code, I'm not an experienced PHP coder, so I can just give opinion in other areas. For example the website still lacks nice examples and the contact- and language-buttons on the top right side are a bit out of view. Perhaps they would fit better below the menu entries on the left.

Otherwise the website makes a clean and ordered impression, easy to look at.

Perhaps the stuff would also fit good somewhere on as a project. There it would also be easier for other people to stumble across and the whole project management would be in an uniform environment.

BTW.: Commenting on posts is back, but some leftovers from my experiments are still left. Ignore that parts with the security code, they are disfunctional and have no effect whatsoever.


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