Gettin' mobile

Last friday my girlfriends notebook became a case for its producers support: The power connector inside the notebook broke and rendered it almost un-rechargeable.

But she needed a Notebook for her education instantly and so she had to purchase a new one because there was no way to rent or borrow one from anywhere.

I took the chance and bought her old one from her, taking the support hurdles on my back but ending up with a mobile PC after everything has been handled.

Yap. When it's back Knoppix will have a meeting with it :)


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If you dare to try out Knoppix BEFORE I've had a chance to get my (really important) data from my HDD, then I'm sure you'll meet with your creator sooner as you might think now, my dear *smile*


(and take a look at my eMail-adress :-))

As you know, Knoppix is a Live-CD without the need of HDD install, so don't worry.