Thinking about jobs

In the company where my brother works there are rumours coming up about relocating the whole production to Slovenia. Nothing official yet but the rumours are causing many thoughts around the company... Only a prototyping factory should stay here with a few workers left.

I really have no doubt that my bro' is one of the highly competent people who will stay at the current location but he thinks without doubts that the decissions who can stay won't be based on the competence of the people.

On my side I again thought a lot about how it would be to switch employee. A switch of a colleague caused that.

Well, dunno exactly what holds me left at my current company but it surely has something to do with my colleagues and with my feeling for responsibility. I want that our customers can rely on what they bought but I have some doubts that my fellows can compensate my leaving fast enough. It's not that they aren't clever enough it's just because I have burdened responsibility for so many areas on my back. And in a few of that areas I'm the only knowledge-holder in company...


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