Random stuff

Just some random pieces thrown together: - had no chance to see the third debatte of Bush vs. Kerry yet, waiting at home on video tape - lots of work in the next few weeks, several releases and very tight schedules, I have doubts if we make them all without slipping schedules - again trying to rip Wikipedia down onto a DVD. Content is larger than 4.7 GB, so I'm using HTMLZip to compress the files. Causes much pain, because slow and can't write compressed file over original one. Have to hand-carve batch-scripts for >500.000 files and work around all intermediate errors - creating a DVD containing all my aeon-old games which lie around on dusty diskettes and in old backup-zipfiles on my HDDs (really old games, like Dune or WarCraft 1) including latest patches,updates and even lots of emulation-stuff. Lots of effords when digging for the latest edition or patch of >10yr. old games


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