US election (what did you expect?)

Last 24 hours have been a bit an up&down of my expectations from the US elections.

Yesterday morning I was quite sure that Kerry would make the race, into the evening I`ve been sitting in a depressed mood convinced that Bush will win. Into the night my hopes for Kerry rose again and my bet would have gone on him again.

Today morning this was cut down by the news that Bush got Florida and was far ahead of Kerry, keeping that mood until around 10 a.m. Then my hopes went up again when Ohio delayed its result.

Currently it`s going down again and calming on an unsure niveau because I think chances are not very high that Kerry can pick up Ohio through the outstanding votes...

One thought flew through my head two days ago: What if the Bush administration had already catched Bin Ladin and is just keeping the truth from publicity so that they can use him as a "ghost of terrorism" to manipulate the people as they wish with fear and uncertainty? The appearance of Bin Ladin videos often when Bush is under hard pressure strengthens my suspicion...


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