Oracle installation crazyness

Some time ago we had quite problems with installing Oracle on Linux machines (SLES 8) altough this should be certified for Oracle.

The problem was that we couldn't proceed in the Oracle Universal Installer because it was not possible to click on the "Next" button. Nothing happened, it just didn't continue.

Just by accident I now stumbled onto the solution for that: You have to turn your Numlock off.

Is that sane or what?


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pleses help me to write program of phone notebook in

This should be an easy one, just do a search for that on google.

Phonebooks are often used programming examples in C/C++ tutorials.


That's pure *crazyness* for sure. I've lost 2 hours yesterday after trying to hack the jvm used by the installer. Things were worst after that ;)

I'll try this stuff this evening, and hope that's the solution !

have a nice day !