Blog update

Perhaps you have noticed it: I've upgraded my left panel... * updated the links * added a section "Recent Stumbles"

This new section shows links I've visited and marked as "I like it" with the StumbleUpon toolbar. The StumbleUpon network throws me on random pages suggested by other StumbleUpon users ("Stumblers") according to my interests. Looks nice :)

I then can rate them as "I like it!" or "Not-for-me" and the system learns more about my likes and dislikes. Also, if I rate a page as nice, an RSS Feed with my "I like it!" sites gets updated.

With help of the RSS Feed plugin I was able to integrate this feed into my blog. And now every time I blog, the list of my 5 recent visited/rated sites gets updated.

I've been looking for something like that for some time already but I haven't found anything until I stumbled across the StumbeUpon/RSSFeed combination. This is exactly what I was searching for.


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