The Thunderbird has landed

Yes, I know, I'm two days late...

But I just have to mention it again, that Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 has been released two days ago.

I've replaced Netscape Mail 4.74 with Thunderbird 0.1 quite some time ago and never regretted that step since then.

The most important built-in feature for me is the automatic spam filter which keeps my inbox spam-free ~99 percent of the time. I'm getting about a dozend spam mails a day and only about once a week one of them slips into my inbox. So far I've never had a false positive.

Another Mozilla product I'm keeping my eyes on is Mozilla Sunbird(Calendar) which is I think the last missing piece to complete my office experience. Sadly it still lacks propper MS Exchange integration which disqualifies it for my work environment but I expect that to appear somewhere in the future, because it's on third place when I query for the most-voted-bugs on Calendar.


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