January 30, 2005

ADSL? No sorry...

I've been trying to get a decent ADSL connection for two months now but without great success.

What I want is:

  • broadband or at least faster than analog modem
  • some sort of flatrate or at least a high transfer limit, like ~15 gigabytes
  • not too expensive, my limit lies around 50 to 60 Euros

But it seems that I'm too far away from a big city or a Point-of-Presence of any provider.

It seems that Telekom Austria makes it quite difficult for competitors to provide proper and cheap access to broadband technologies.

I'm a bit sad about that situation but I'll keep searching for an alternative...

January 27, 2005

See the motion?

I just found a page showing off dozens of cool optical illusions (english page).

Perhaps I'll take one as printout or desktop image.

January 24, 2005

Salam Pax Video Interview

I don't know when he decided that he could throw away his anonymity but Salam Pax, you know, the one famous iraqi war blogger, gave an video interview about blogging to ZeD.

Go check out his blog again from time to time, gives still some insight into under-the-hood-Iraq.

According to his recent post, some sort of dictatory under al-Sadir is forming again.

Blog problems resolved

A big thanks goes to the FreePgs.com admins which responded lightning fast and resolved the problems with my account!


January 17, 2005

Blog problems

I'm having heavy difficulties using Movable type, getting HTTP/500's all over the place and don't know why.

After the update I didn't change anything but suddenly, one day to the other, most things came to a halt.

Only a few pages are still accessible, as the quickpost-link, but for example the main page is not.

Dammit, I'm thinking of possibly upgrading my Freepgs.com account.

January 13, 2005

Comment trouble

I had several troubles with MT-blacklist for example completely driving the commenting stuff unusable because of weird HTTP-500-errors.

Had to completely remove my whole MovableType directory on the server and install a full MT installation instead of an update and bringing back the configuration files from a backup.

Re-installed all plugins and now commenting is working again somehow.

You'll still receive HTTP-500 errors if you comment but the comment is inserted nevertheless. At least one can express their thoughts now.

Update: I also get HTTP-500 error after posting a new blog entry but post is created correctly. Strange...

January 11, 2005

Blog updated

This blog now runs on Movable Type 3.14. I've also updated acronym, MT-blacklist and Markdown and only MT-blacklist is giving me a few errors which shouldn't affect user operation. Everything else should be fine.

January 10, 2005

Small MT upgrades

I just noticed that the acronym plugin has stopped working some time ago, looking deeper into that. Tried an update to the latest version but nothing changed.

And since I spent 20 minutes deleting comment spam, I installed MT blacklist which assists me in that work.

But when I tried to import the whole blacklist from here it shoots itself in the foot and only spites errors, probably the list is too large.

And the newer version only works with MovableType 3.1 or higher...

I'm looking into upgrading my MT installation, so that I can use newer plugins.

January 5, 2005

Quick lifesign

Sorry for not posting during the last few days, have been busy with holidays.

Just posting tell you that I'm still here.

Many thoughts on the things going on in South East Asia.

Fun: Just watched "Stargate" (episode "Chimera") and catched a scene where Sam is humming the StarGate theme... and gets a comment from O'Neill on that :) Are there any other such "strange" scenes or comments somewhere in the Stargate episodes? Eventually will dig a bit on that.

Update: added some links