February 28, 2005

Desktop search my thunderbird mails

The ability to search my Mozilla Thunderbird mails is now finally appearing in a desktop search engine!

Congrats to Copernic fro being the first desktop search engine which indexes Mozilla Thunderbird mails.

February 26, 2005

More Stargate fun

As said in a previous post I've been looking out for such self-referring jokes in "Stargate: SG-1".

I found another one in the episode "Fallen":

When SG-1 arrives at the new planet one if the inhibitants asks Jack O'Neill "Is this a Jaffa?" and looks at Teal'c. O'Neill then responds: "No, but he acts one on TV."

Looking out for more Stargate-fun....

February 18, 2005

Mini nuclear reactor

When I told you what keeps my computers running, it was thought as a joke.

But somehow, Toshiba got that wrong.

They want to equip an Alaska village with a Micro-Nuclear-Reactor as power source.

Boy, I hope this doesn't catch momentum...

February 16, 2005

Balancing on a knife's edge

Today I accidentially did something which easily could have cut my head in company.

Tomorrow we have a release at a customers place, where we bring up an additional machine to handle the increased load.

I was creating configurations for the new machine in the administration interface when it failed and just returned an error. I was forced to directly connect to the database to create the entries. During the creation I stumbled over some small errors and decided to throw away the whole table data and copy everything from the master database when I realized that I actually was working ON THE MASTER DATABASE! I had thrown away the master data, dammit. Adrenaline... Sweat... Has someone seen that? No? Good. Ok, hopefully none of the running machines restarts to fetch its now vanished config. What do I do now? Re-fetch the data from one of the client databases. Dammit, replication has already deleted the data there too.

More sweat, more adrenaline...

But wait, what was one of those minor errors above? Whoa, replication to one machine was failing, the data could still be there... Immediately connect to that machine, stop the replication mechanism, check for the data. YEAH! Still here, whew.

Copying back the data from that failing machine was easy and luckily no one noticed that incident.

I have to be much more careful in the future, when I deal with databases. Have to get practice on that...

February 14, 2005

Improve your appearance

If you ever wanted to know:

February 7, 2005

Small link dump...

Just a few interesting links...

Stress ahead

There is a lot of work to be done in the next few weeks. Aside from minor updates at several customers one customer wants a major update of the whole software to the almost latest version. Currently he runs a version which is almost three years old.

For us this means that we have to create a update-scenario where everything from DB over backend straight to all frontends have to be replaced with their latest counterparts.

This woulnd't be too difficult if we wouldn't have to take care that if we don't handle the update we can safely step back to the previous version without much impact.

There are also further smaller releases and other deliveries in other projects to plan and to deliver which increase the overall worload-level quite a bit.

I hope, we'll handle that until mid march.

February 3, 2005


Today finally the snow hit our place and how it did:

Yesterday when I went to bed it was snowing only a bit having about 2mm on the streets. When I woke up today we had a cover everywhere of at least 15 centimeters. The streets were not prepared or cleaned and down the hill from home was quite an experience with the car. On the highway my highest speed was around 65 to 70 km/hour (except in the road tunnel, where I drove 110 km/hour).

It's always impressing how much too fast I see others driving under such conditions...