March 29, 2005

Comment spam countermeasures results

My anti-comment-spam measures seem to work quite well, no further comment spamming over the vacations.

To check, if it doesn't block out real comments, please leave a small comment on this post if you mind.

Holiday summary

Ok, we arrived home safely on Saturday evening.

London had been a very nice trip and hasn't been as expensive as I expected. We have visited many places and sightseeing-spots in central London, walked very much, went by underground and had a nice hotel to stay in the Docklands.

Some problems were

  • initial difficulties to locate the hotel
  • my MasterCard not working at the hotel but everywhere else
  • misunderstandings on the hotels side about the price of our staying
  • major problems with my credit cards when paying the hotel bill

But besides that, everything worked quite well and smooth.

Quick impressions:

  • London and its surroundings are a relatively messy place
  • the top of chimneys on the houses are quite funny
  • only fast-food is affordable in most cases
  • pharmaceuticals are cheap as nowhere
  • culture-mix everywhere
  • lots of interesting places
  • fine weather
  • taken too few photos

That's for now, going to catch up suspended work...

March 18, 2005

Vacation approaching

Tomorrow we'll be travelling towards London. I'm a bit excited already, if everything will go well for that week.

During packing the bags I was a bit worried because there was still so much room left in the suitcase that I have the constant feeling to have forgotten of something important. Well, I have my clothes, shoes, soap and toothbrush, pullover, emergency clothes, reservation printouts, timesheets for arrival and departure, passport, copy of passport, credid cards, emergency money, backpack, something to read. That should be everything I need, even more than I'll need I guess.

We'll see...

The next thing is that at the moment, the MT-Keystrokes-Plugin for MT has quite effectively cut down any spam comments I've received so far. I'm curious how my spam will look like after vacation. I hope it doesn't just cut down ANY commenting besides my test-comments...

OK, I'll be off for a week now...

March 16, 2005

Laser paintball

If someone wants to improve his fitness with me consider contacting me so that we can buy a pair of those Shocking Guns together.

Then we can hide in the forests or somewhere else in the jungle around my home and set each other on fire ;)

If you know me personally contact me directly, if not just drop a comment below.

Comment spamming countermeasures

I'm having quite loads of comment spamming hitting my pages, which also seem to pass MT-Blacklist blocking.

From some sources I've read that MT-Keystrokes can reduce automatic spamming by checking if a human being has typed something into the comment form using JavaScript and hidden HTML fields.

Sounds cool, I'll install that soon :)

Preparing vacations

This week is a bit more stressy than the past ones, because we're planning and organizing our trip to London next week.

After a lot of bookings and cancelations and cost calculations finally we're on the best way to spend a nice week in the UK.

We're going to stay at an Ibis hotel in the center of London after we arrived with a Ryanair flight on upcoming saturday.

What makes everything that stressing is that my girlfriend is not here to help but currently in Germany and comes back just one day before departure.

March 14, 2005

GDS and WLAN trouble

Trying the Google Desktop Search works flawlessly on all machines except one. It's the one, where the Wikipedia dump also resides on and the errors are those: * indexing in background stops after ~15 minutes and doesn't continue until I restart the GDS * it completely left out the directory with the Wikipedia dump initially

But now, after I had forced the initial index process to complete by always restarting the GDS, it seems to catch up all forgotten stuff. With Sysinternals Process Explorer I can see, that the GDS is walking through the Wikipedia directory...

I somehow suspect that Scansoft Omnipage Search Indexer plugin to be the root of that evil, because GDS always ran flawlessly until Omnipage has processed several files.

Moreover, Scansoft seems to have changed its registration policy: The first computer I installed its plugin on needed to register, which was done on a single HTML-Form and worked without further notifications. But on the second computer, where I installed the plugin two days later, the registration process spanned several pages and ended with a note, that the plugin is beta and would work until April 15th. Great.

On the other hand I had some troubles bringing my personal laptop online with WLAN and VPN at the company. I had a working WLAN connection but the Cisco VPN client always refused to connect.

After three days of trying now I succeeded by deinstalling local firewalls and virus scanners completely, updating the WLAN drivers and downloading an updated version of Ciscos VPN client somewhere on the net. Normally only customers of Cisco can download it, but someone at some university forgot to secure the internal VPN-download page ;)

And after all of that hassle an email arrives, that VPN will be restructured next week to achieve SOX-compliance...

March 10, 2005

More on Stirling

Some more stirling engine links to remember:

March 7, 2005

GDS now also searches Thunderbird

Google Desktop Search now also is able to index my Thunderbird mails.

Even better: It's smaller than Copernic and supports plugins, which promises to bring out even more support for desktop searching through volunteering developers.

Copernic had massive problems when trying to index my offline Wikipedia files, I'm curious how Google will handle that...

But it has already been that way

Seems, that our company is going to include some passages into our work contracts, which in my opinion are already given by law in the collective contracts for IT professionals.

But until now, if asked, the HR department everytime replied with something like "this doesn't apply to us because this and that". Well, if I understand the collective contract correctly (and it isn't that hard to read), everything applies to us OF COURSE! But in the past I wasn't that unhappy with their denial, that I had to insist in my rights.

If everything is now written down one more, I have no problem with it that our HR can't say "no" anymore :)

March 2, 2005

Stirling engine thoughts

This Stirling Engine thingie I stumbled across last November doesn't want to get out of my head.

So to not forget them I've some more links: