GDS and WLAN trouble

Trying the Google Desktop Search works flawlessly on all machines except one. It's the one, where the Wikipedia dump also resides on and the errors are those: * indexing in background stops after ~15 minutes and doesn't continue until I restart the GDS * it completely left out the directory with the Wikipedia dump initially

But now, after I had forced the initial index process to complete by always restarting the GDS, it seems to catch up all forgotten stuff. With Sysinternals Process Explorer I can see, that the GDS is walking through the Wikipedia directory...

I somehow suspect that Scansoft Omnipage Search Indexer plugin to be the root of that evil, because GDS always ran flawlessly until Omnipage has processed several files.

Moreover, Scansoft seems to have changed its registration policy: The first computer I installed its plugin on needed to register, which was done on a single HTML-Form and worked without further notifications. But on the second computer, where I installed the plugin two days later, the registration process spanned several pages and ended with a note, that the plugin is beta and would work until April 15th. Great.

On the other hand I had some troubles bringing my personal laptop online with WLAN and VPN at the company. I had a working WLAN connection but the Cisco VPN client always refused to connect.

After three days of trying now I succeeded by deinstalling local firewalls and virus scanners completely, updating the WLAN drivers and downloading an updated version of Ciscos VPN client somewhere on the net. Normally only customers of Cisco can download it, but someone at some university forgot to secure the internal VPN-download page ;)

And after all of that hassle an email arrives, that VPN will be restructured next week to achieve SOX-compliance...


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