Holiday summary

Ok, we arrived home safely on Saturday evening.

London had been a very nice trip and hasn't been as expensive as I expected. We have visited many places and sightseeing-spots in central London, walked very much, went by underground and had a nice hotel to stay in the Docklands.

Some problems were

  • initial difficulties to locate the hotel
  • my MasterCard not working at the hotel but everywhere else
  • misunderstandings on the hotels side about the price of our staying
  • major problems with my credit cards when paying the hotel bill

But besides that, everything worked quite well and smooth.

Quick impressions:

  • London and its surroundings are a relatively messy place
  • the top of chimneys on the houses are quite funny
  • only fast-food is affordable in most cases
  • pharmaceuticals are cheap as nowhere
  • culture-mix everywhere
  • lots of interesting places
  • fine weather
  • taken too few photos

That's for now, going to catch up suspended work...


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