December 23, 2004

GTA2 for free

Rockstar is making GTA2 available for free download as part of its Rockstar Classics Series.

Altough I'm currently unable to download anything , propably because of others trying to do the same, I'm trying to get my hands on that as soon as possible.

Also in the Classics: GTA and Wild Metal. Recommended for every LAN party.

December 20, 2004

Lord Of The Rings Triple Feature Roundup

Our Lord Of The Ring Extended Edition Triple Feature on Saturday was a complete success. Everyone who was present enjoyed it and those who weren't there have surely missed something great. We're looking forward for similar events in the future.

Thanks everyone for helping cleaning up afterwards.

December 17, 2004

Coffee milk with vanillia taste

Two days ago I bought a bottle of Maresi Kaffeemilch - Vanille out of curiosity.

Put it into my coffee instead of the standard milk and whoa... this stuff is great!

If this fluid wouldn't be that expensive (I bought it for ~1.50? and that's already 50% off) for such little milk (200ml) I'd never take another caffeine addon.

Shared it with others at work and they're also impressed of its taste.

Perhaps I'll ignore the price one or two times and try the other two flavours, caramel and hazelnut.

I found out that the full price of the vanilla-milk is already 1.50?, just that the cashier in the shop didn't enter the 50% reduction in her terminal.

December 15, 2004

Busy busy

The last week was a bit stressy for me. Besides a shift in my work area, I've been busy organizing the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Triple Feature.

I managed to acquire a conference room in our companys building for that day.

The feature will start at 11am and will last until midnight, only interrupted by two 30 minute long breaks between the movies.

Today I want to test our equipment in the room to find out if my Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 is strong enough to provide a propper sound environment in that room. I also managed to borrow a 16:9 video projector.

On the other news I switched from C/C++ development to web development using PHP at work. I did that because our group is in critical lack of web developers and we already have quite a backlog of stuff to do in the web environment.

The current web source is a pile of mess. I'm trying to refactor some pages and introduce a template system (Smarty) to take the presentation out of the business logic in the pages which currently is non-existent. It's quite hard because the current system has many includes on each page and almost everything is dependend on something else and at almost any place in almost any include there could be output written which you can't avoid.

CSS styles and JavaScript are included on every page and I tried to split them off into external .css- and .js-files but have been only somewhat successful because even those scripts contain dynamic content which could change on every page. Dammit.

I'm still unable to give an estimation to my group leader when or even IF I'll be finished but I still have some motivation left to spend on that whole stuff.

December 9, 2004

Eclipse CDT 2.1 RC5 available

Release Candidate 5 of the Eclipse CDT 2.1 plugin is now available for download at

This is a C/C++ Development enhancement for the Eclipse IDE Framework and is under heavy development and usage from inside IBM.

The CDT Plugin is already in a quite usable state, having automatic makefile generation and common IDE features like syntax highlighting, project management, block-folding and more.

One backdraw tough, the indexer which collects the keywords, classes and others for code-completion and several help-features is still somewhat slow but this one of the higher priorities in the upcoming development.

The Thunderbird has landed

Yes, I know, I'm two days late...

But I just have to mention it again, that Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 has been released two days ago.

I've replaced Netscape Mail 4.74 with Thunderbird 0.1 quite some time ago and never regretted that step since then.

The most important built-in feature for me is the automatic spam filter which keeps my inbox spam-free ~99 percent of the time. I'm getting about a dozend spam mails a day and only about once a week one of them slips into my inbox. So far I've never had a false positive.

Another Mozilla product I'm keeping my eyes on is Mozilla Sunbird(Calendar) which is I think the last missing piece to complete my office experience. Sadly it still lacks propper MS Exchange integration which disqualifies it for my work environment but I expect that to appear somewhere in the future, because it's on third place when I query for the most-voted-bugs on Calendar.

December 3, 2004

Mind Hacking Reloaded

Whoa, my blog has been linked by the Mind Hacks author Matt Webb in his blogs post. Check that out, more mind-hacking insights over there.

He stumbled over my post where I described my own caffeine ritual.

Well, in the meantime I thought a bit more about my caffeine affinity. The result is that my ritual is even larger than I initially thought, it also involves other people. Particulary, I only start the whole coffee-stuff in the morning, when my co-worker has arrived and has agreed in my instant question "Coffee?". Guess, I'm involved in his morning-ritual too.

Dubya is Don Knotts

from Blue Sky On Mars:


You want to know, why George W. Bush is called "Dubya"? Check here