Changing the Messenger

I don't know why, but today I gave Trillian another try.

I tried it several weeks ago but deinstalled it again because I couldn't get it to work reliably through our NAT and firewall. Either it didn't connect or if it connected, the ICQ-server didn't accept my login.

I would be fine with ICQ itself but some of our customers use Yahoo Messenger to quickly communicate with us. And in the end the memory footprint of both, ICQ and YM, was just too much to get comfortable with it. And I decided to switch to an IM which supported both. Well, that was some weeks ago and was a complete failure.

But this time everything worked seamlessly. I installed Trillian, gave it my logins and pwds and set the connection-setting to some un-blockable ports like 80 (HTTP) for AIM and 443 (SSL) for ICQ. Connected and whoa, everything green. No error messages and all contacts present.

Its your luck Trillian that I give faulty software a regular try-again.


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