Moving around

Last week I moved from the workplace where I worked for the last three years to a new workplace in another block of the building.

The reason of that is because another project caused the other people of my team to move out several months ago. I were the only one left. Didn't matter that much because I have responsibility of completely seperate stuff.

But now I finally decided to change my location too because the people of the other project distracted me too much from my own work.

The move took around six hours split over two days and now I've ended up with the largest workplace of the people here and enough room for all my small and large stuff. I took everything with me, computers, papers, equipment, pictures and even plants I've grown and acquired from others over the time. Well, the old place looks quite sad now without the slightest green but that's not my problem anymore. I just left my old chair behind because a new and probably better one was standing around lonely at the new place.

The only things which got worse are the larger distance to my teamleader and the worse (if even existing) WLAN-connection.


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