Silent PC ideas

Some weeks ago I found a note about flexible heatpipes in the german computer magazine c't. An article about silent computing and a reference to the Teschke - High end Low noise forum.

There, a product named PhasePlane was reviewed and apparently got quite good results.

It even seems that these aren't that expensive either so I'm really thinking of making my machine at home as silent as possible. Currently the processor fan sounds as if it is near the final states of its life.

With that I could also take the chance and transfer the stuff in my current tower case in another case which makes it easier to change things and put parts into and out from it.

Anyone a nice big PC case left?

Update: Changed review link to a better version.


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Buy a Mac mini. It?s very quiet and the performance is better than your current PC. Debain also supports the G4 CPU.

A Mac mini would be nice but is far away from my financial possibilities. It also has still a fan built in which creates noise even if it's much more quiet than my current case.

Comparing ~90? for a full-silence solution to the 569? for a near-silence Mac mini at doesn't leave much choice left, does it? :)