Wire LAN

Finally I got a wired LAN access instead of this crappy WLAN connection. Now it works like a breeze and I even have access to a broader range of machines.

On the workside things are going around a bit without control. Two people are on vacation and the work concentrates on a few bottleneck employees. One of them is my group leader. I told him that I think that he has now too much work loaded on him but he doesn't think so... well.

I also have a hard time waiting for a new Wikipedia database dump. At this moment the Wikipedia and Wikimedia pages are down for "hardware maintenance". I hope this also involves a DB dump sooner or later...


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I see a images dir now! (Currently empty.) This can only be good!


"Wikimedia dump service 20050523 (lighttpd)"

Just noticed - the Euro version *does* have files in it.


Thanks for the links.

I already noticed the former one but this contains only Wikipedia-specific files like the Wikipedia-logo and language-flags and such stuff. No pictures from the Wikipedia pages themselves.

But thanks for the second link, this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Just don't know where I have enough space left to put down 16,7 GB. Whew...