Local Wikipedia got a new home

I had to move the Wikipedia-dump processing stuff to another machine because it got too big for the old one and the old computer was also slow and had less RAM.

With the new one the indexing and renewing works blazingly fast, I didn't expect that otherwise I'd moved much earlier already.

And because everything goes so fast the new machine is filled up with Wikipedia again already, dammit. It's taking ~17GB currently and I'm unable to guess how much is left.

Whats further is that the database dump is from 16th of May and since then much of the media files have changed so I'm ending up with lots of missing files.

So I have to get more HDD space to finish that dump and I hope WikiMedia produces a new dump soon so I can update my local copy with more recent images and fewer missing ones.


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Hey, I wanted to drop by and ask what you ended up using to do the dump. I have had problems with wiki2static taking days but it just sits there and doesn't move. I guess, maybe I just want you to throw up a quick how-to so I can have my local copy as well.

Well, I have to admit that I haven't found time to tinker around with the local dump for quite a time now.

Creating the initial dump lies back now more than a year and since then I have just applied updates. Creating a dump from scratch does not fit into the local free space, I haven't even enough to complete the latest update...

Sorry for now.

Hi Kosi,

I'm currently updating the wiki2static.pl script. I already added it some features that were missing in 0.62 (template handling, skins) and made it work with new dumps, but still there is a lot of work to be done. If you want to be updated when I finish working on it, please contact me.