Long weekend...

Had a great long weekend. Weather was hot and sunny and we used the time to clean up some rooms and paint our upstairs kitchen-room.

Painting took two days but now we'll have a nice kitchen with three walls of light sun-yellow and one wall with a special effect orange/mandarin and white, smeared stripes and rough facing.

Looks very great.

On the other side I just noticed that my recent wikipedia dump, which is not yet finished, already has a size of ~12GB. Over a million files so far.

I wonder how I'll get that on portable media if I already have such problems with the dump of last year.


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Well, that's not so bad. My recent dump, stored in mysql, (4.8G of text) has a 3.1G search index.

What is really annoying is that they do not offer dumps of the images anymore, so I have to download them manually.

What I really want is Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Wiktionary, with images, in a searchable format in 10G. Especially if it is not me putting in the effort to make it! :D

But my current dump has not finished downloading because of HDD full. I'm curious how big it'll get when I continue the dump on a new machine with more HDD space, proc power and RAM.