My first LARP experience

This weekend my fianc? and I attended a LARP, a live action fantasy role playing game.

I was a bit unsure of what to expect at first but during play we had much fun and it went quite smoothly. Of course there were some mistakes or unpredictables on both sides, players and game-leaders, but all in all everyone had much fun.

Except for one incident: A neighbour of the castle where everything occoured came by, shouted at us and attacked and injured my fianc� without reason. Pulling hairs and scratching skin is not a gentlemens way of telling "Leave my property!" especially if we AREN'T on his property... We then called the police and went to the hospital for checks. This surely can end in a penalty for this rude farmer.

Nevertheless, thanks to the team from Zeitschmiede for this new experience!


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